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    Product List

    RT25 High Frequency Welded Tube Mill

    RT25 High Frequency Welded Tube Mill


    RT25 high frequency welded tube mill is specially used for producing high-frequency straight seam welded pipes and special-shaped pipes. It is mainly applied in heat exchanger, refrigerator, frame of car, bicycle, fitness equipment, furniture, cooling machine, petrol transmission, construction industry, etc. This high frequency welded pipe production line can be divided into different types according to the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe. RT25 welded tube mill can produce circular pipes, square and rectangular pipes and special pipes with the material of low carbon steel and alloy steel. After absorbing advanced pipe making technology from both domestic and abroad, Rontech high frequency welded pipe production line is not only economical but practical.

    Components of RT25 High Frequency Welded Tube Mill

    The welded tube production solution is a whole process from coil handing to tube packaging. This process consists of a complete set of pipe forming machine, rotating capstan, single or double decoiler, straightening machine, shearing and bead weld device, accumulator, tube mill section, flying saw and packaging device.

    Production Principles of RT25 HF Welded Tube Mill

    Production Process of RT25 Welded Tube Mill

    The working process of RT25 high frequency welded pipe production line is as follows:
    Steel Strip → Decoiling → Shearing and Butt Welding → Material Accumulating → Non-Power Leveling → Roll Forming → High Frequency Welding → Removing Burrs Outside of Weld Seam → Cooling → Sizing → Straightening → Cut to Length → Run-out Table

    Specifications of RT25 High Frequency Welded Tube Mill

    Model RT25 high frequency welded pipe production line
    Diameter of Welded Tubes Φ8 mm to 30 mm
    Wall Thickness of Welded Tubes 0.4 mm to 1.3 mm
    Speed of Tube Welding 50 to 100 m/min
    Power of Major Motor 37 KW
    Power of High Frequency Welder 100 KW
    Rontech Imp & Exp Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd. With more than 15 years’ working experience, Rontech is specialized in providing high frequency welded pipe production lines for customers all over the world. In addition to this welded tube mill, our company also provides cold roll forming machinery, sandwich panel line, steel coil slitting line, cut to length line, metal working machinery, shot blasting machine, metal coil sheet, etc. We inspect every component for non-standard products and adopt sampling inspection for the component of standard parts. Our high frequency welded pipe production lines have been exported to customers from Russian, Brazil, India, South Africa, Germany, USA, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and so on.