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    Product List

    Film Cutting Machine

    Film Cutting Machine


    Film cutting machine comprises of the uncoiling unit, filming system, cutting equipment, material supporter, shearing device, electric control system and hydraulic system.


    HFD plate cutting machine is the auxiliary equipment, which is designed for material preparation procedures. Due to its high level of automation and low labor intensity, this equipment is welcomed by both domestic and overseas customers.

    Advantages of Plate Cutting Machine

    1. Jinggong is a film cutting machine manufacturer and supplier with over 40 years of experience.
    2. We provide a wide variety of quality construction materials machinery, such as roll forming machine, steel tile forming machine, guardrail forming machine, etc.
    3. Our HFD filming and cutting machine has earned the ISO9000 and CE certificates, and we are well received in America, Australia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Egypt, Syria, India, etc.

    Technical Specifications

    of Film Cutting Machine

    No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
    1 Suitable Material
    of Plate Cutting Machine
    Type Color plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate
    Plate strength MPa ≤550
    Plate width mm ≤1250
    Plate thickness mm 0.3-1.0
    2 Cutter Material of Film Cutting Machine Cr12, with heat treatment
    3 Slitting width mm 75(min)
    4 Driving mode Chain drive
    5 Total power kW About 7
    6 Outline dimensions (LXWXH) m 5 × 2 × 1.7